Central City Opera House Association (Central City, Colo.)

University of Denver. Central City Opera House Association
Central City Opera

Located in Central City, Colorado, USA
Incorporated in Denver, Colorado, USA


Central City Opera is the fifth-oldest opera company in the United States, founded in 1932 by Julie Penrose and Anne Evans. Each festival is presented in the 550-seat historic Central City Opera House built in 1878 in the gold mining era town of Central City, Colorado. Pelham G. Pearce was selected in 1996 as Managing Director for Central City Opera, and he was named General/Artistic Director in May 1998, when John Moriarty became Artistic Director Emeritus.


Was founded by [Penrose, Julie].
Was founded by [Evans, Anne].
Was associated with [University of Denver].
Had performer Ordassy, Carlotta.

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